Japan Partner Inc is a SCAM, Beware !

Japan Partner Inc is a SCAM, Beware !!!!

Our company has taken the initiative to warn potential buyers of second hand motor vehicles from Japan, Beware of online scam that is being perpetrated by a shoddy dealer who goes by the name “Japan partner Inc”. These criminals are particularly internet based, where by innocent victims are wiring monies to them in return for non existing stock.

japan partneyuaksr inc is made up off a small number of cronies who operate from a small registered garage, but by appearance they seem established and professional, thanks to numerous fake and enhanced photos on their website.

These scammers have mastered the art of making their activities appear legitimate by; registering a business, establishing genuine looking websites and using physical addresses in order to hook people in. most victims have in the past suffered silently and this lack of publicity has served these scammers very well. They are assured of another opportunity to defraud one victim after another without the fear of detection.

Our Company lost a substantial amount of money once we fell into the trap and got conned by this people despite many years of import experience, buying used vehicles from Japan. Our efforts for reimbursement were met by radio silence and occasional threats.

We’ll expose how the scam works and how to avoid it

Japan partner Inc defraud online buyers in different ways

  1. Japan Partner Inc drastically clocks back the mileage and over value a motor vehicles.
  2. They sell dodgy cut and shut cars. These are makeshift cars comprised of more than one car put together. They are dangerous and could literally fall apart at any time.
  3. Not shipping a car after payment, or months and months delayed shipping.
  4. Featuring vehicles they don't have in stock on their website to roar in potential victims.
  5. Concealing wear and tear.
  6. Japan Partner ltd ships different vehicle than the one paid for, usually broken or in bad condition.
  7. The scam is particularly aimed at Japanese used car auctions and the import export of Nissan skylines to the US and Japanese import cars in general.
  8. They flock the internet and social media with fake reviews   

Take our hint, don't wire your money to these expert scammers, you will end up CONED!

Tip: make sure to read Japan Partner Inc reviews below to learn from other victims experiences!!!

We got coned so you don't have to, Avoid Japan Partner Inc, They are SCAMMERS

Japan Partner Inc

You saved money

Don't be
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