Japan Partner Inc is a SCAM, Beware !

Japan Partner Inc is a SCAM, Beware !!!!

Recently, several fraud cases relating to the importation of cars from Japan partner have been brought to our attention

We are taking the initiative to warn potential buyers of second hand motor vehicles from Japan, Beware of online scam that is being perpetrated by a shoddy dealer who goes by the name “Japan partner Inc”. These criminals are particularly internet based, where by innocent victims are wiring monies to them in return for non existing stock.

japan partner is made up off a small number of cronies who operate from a small registered garage, but by appearance they seem established and professional, thanks to numerous fake and enhanced photos on their website.

These scammers have mastered the art of making their activities appear legitimate by; registering a business and joining JUMVEA and TRADECARVIEW, establishing genuine looking websites and using physical addresses in order to hook people in. most victims have in the past suffered silently and this lack of publicity has served these scammers very well. They are assured of another opportunity to defraud one victim after another without the fear of detection.

We’ll expose how the scam works and how to avoid it

Japan partner Inc defraud online buyers in different ways

  1. is japan partner inc legit ?, no the fake dealer drastically clocks back the mileage and over value motor vehicles.
  2. They sell dodgy cut and shut cars. These are makeshift cars comprised of more than one car put together. They are dangerous and could literally fall apart at any time.
  3. Not shipping a car after payment, or months and months delayed shipping.
  4. Featuring vehicles they don't have in stock on their website to roar in potential victims.
  5. Concealing wear and tear.
  6. Japan Partner ltd ships different vehicle than the one paid for, usually broken or in bad condition.
  7. The scam is particularly aimed at Japanese used car auctions and the import export of Nissan skylines to the US and Japanese import cars in general.
  8. They flock the internet and social media with fake reviews   

Take our hint, don't wire your money to these expert scammers, you will end up CONED!

Tip: make sure to read Japan Partner Inc reviews below to learn from other victims experiences!!!

Avoid Japan Partner Inc, They are SCAMMERS

Japan Partner Inc

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Japan-partner inc SCAM

Japan, 497-0043 Aichi-ken, Amagun, Kanie-cho, Shinchiaki, Ato-higashi 80-1
Phone: 81-567-**-0015, Fax: 81-567-**-0018,
E-mail: info@j*pan-pa**ne*.com


Dear Customers, please note that our logistical operations are not affected by coronavirus situation and all purchased vehicles are shipped or being prepared for shipping in the normal order. Japan has one of the highest hygiene standards in the world making it possible to continue business with Japan even in the times when other countries are on lock down. Our offices are working as usual so please feel free to order any cars you may like on our site or the auction. Thank you for being our customer!

"I bought my GTR from Japan-Partner in March of 2014. They shipped it in October when the car became legal (25 years old). Storage was at no cost to me. I could not be happier.. I've put 22k on my car and have only done spark plugs and a clutch. I would recommend Japan-Partner to any and everyone... Thank you Voitek for making my dream of owning a Skyline a reality!

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The Japan Anti Fraud Organization (JAFO) has received many inquiries from overseas asking “how to report scammer in japan” or “how to report fraud in japan”. If you have been scammed, defrauded or experienced cyber crime in Japan, you can report fraud or cybercrime by filling form at below. After review, your report will be forwarded to Cybercrime Center of Japanese Police Department. This Embassy has recently been inundated by requests from many Kenyans seeking assistance to recover monies allegedly paid to unscrupulous Japanese Companies for the purchase of second hand Motor vehicles. In trying to assist the unfortunate victims, the Mission has uncovered the following:

While Japanese car dealers generally used to be known as trust worthy and reliable this may no longer be true. Unfortunately, the used car export business in Japan has been invaded by some criminals. The global economic difficulties and cut- throat competition in the industry have translated into low profitability and an increase in illegal exports. These include the sale of stolen vehicles, illegally rebuilt units or even re-modeled vehicles. The tendency thrives on the known reputation for excellent quality and reasonable prices associated with Japanese used motor vehicles. Kenya is clearly amongst the targeted and lucrative markets for unscrupulous internet- based motor vehicle fraudsters. This may be informed by the size of the Market, the 8-year Rule, and the demand by citizens for cheaper cars. Dishonest individuals have exploited the internet marketing & advertising model to lure un-suspecting customers from Kenya including senior government officials. Unfortunately, most victims have in the past suffered silently and this lack of publicity has served the fraudsters very well. They are assured of another opportunity to defraud one victim after another without the fear of detection. In trying to track down the bogus used cars exporters, the Mission has found some interesting trends. Firstly, these heartless vendors are hard to trace as they change their telephone numbers immediately they sense danger and will not respond to email enquiries. Since the transactions are mostly transacted via on-line via internet; the fraudsters need no office or even a sale yard. The vehicles displayed on their websites are merely Motor vehicle pictures taken from some legitimate yards or the many vehicle auctions. They then use computer graphics to display their banners over the Fake yards or the cars themselves. Wirth regard to their Bank accounts to which Kenyan victims have wired their monies, the Mission has found that such accounts are phantom accounts opened solely for purposes of fraud for a particular period of time. You cannot easily track down these master criminals because Japanese Banks can accommodate ATM withdrawals of up to 1,000,000 Yen or more than Kshs. 1,000,000). Since they use fake names and identities to open the accounts it’s hardly possible for one to trace them. According to available records, hundreds of Kenyan might have fallen into this trap annually and something must be done urgently to stop the trend. Our engagements with the local police, government departments and the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA) have proved that once paid to the criminals, it is almost impossible to trace the perpetrators due to the legal technicalities here. The Police and related agencies have been categorical that the Japanese law classifies the offence of defrauding a client in a business deal as a civil offence. This means that the Metropolitan Police has no powers of arrest or prosecution for such offences. Such litigation is left to hired professional lawyers. In view of the above, it’s anybody’s guess how many Kenyans can afford to travel to Japan and to hire a lawyer to pursue USD 10,000. Even if the lawyer is hired, what are the chances that the criminal can be found when the only address available on the websites ends up being a public car park, a garden or an empty space? Way Forward In view of the above this mission recommends the following: Potential vehicle importers should be extremely cautious before ordering a Motor vehicle from Japan via internet. All importers should be weary of super bargains or unusually cheap vehicles- for the sweeter the deal the stronger the pain. Before buying a Motor vehicle online, kindly check from http://www.jumvea.or.jp/ if the online vendor is a legally registered business in Japan. Members of the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA) are legally registered & licenced Used Car Dealers, are vetted for legality and credibility and are committed by Association values. In case of any further advice or enquiries, kindly feel free to contact us at the Kenya Embassy- Tokyo using our email address: kenrep@kenyarep-jp.com or trade@kenyarep-jp.com The number of the Internet scams has been increasing all over the world, and Japan isn’t an exception. Fact is, fraud is commonly practiced while making purchases from different sources of long-distance Internet sales. Car businesses have also been suffering from fake, “one day” so-called Japanese Car Dealers. We have analyzed Internet fraud cases, and also learned from our current customers and clients being scammed by other dealers. Japan Partner, as an export company who has been in this business for nearly two decades, would like to provide security to people who are planning to purchase used cars from Japan. Here are some signs of potential fraud that are divided into six large groups: Website contents and company information Make sure that you are contacting with a JAPANESE COMPANY! Avoid contacts with newly established and non-Japanese Car Dealers; Avoid contacting Japanese Dealers whose website requires immediate registration while trying to get access to their website; Make sure that you get comprehensive information on the Japanese Dealer, address, contacts, business history, company profile, information on management and operational structure; A real Japanese Dealer’s website must contain all information on procedures including car search, car purchasing procedures, shipping information and costs and Car Search Engine/ Japanese Car Auction System. Office, address, personnel Make sure that your dealer owns and operates out of an actual office with a clear address, and not just a small room and few people in their staff; Some large companies may have several offices. For example, Japan-Partner Inc. has three offices: a main office in Nagoya city and two field offices in Kanie town and Aichi prefecture; Try to google and check whether Japanese dealer’s address is correct and is not the address of another company or person; Check whether the staff or personnel of the Japanese Dealer are multilingual. Usually, managers working for the Japanese Car Dealer must speak at least two to three languages; Japanese, English and the language of the country the manager in charge of (Russian, German, Kyrgyz etc.); Surprisingly, some managers working for so-called Japanese Car Dealers can’t read Japanese. While choosing a car from the auction, make a phone call and ask to translate auction sheet. If you don’t get a proper translation, you are possibly at the edge of being scammed. Communication Use all possible communication mediums including e-mail, SMS exchanges, phone calls, video conversations, Skype, LINE, WhatsApp, Viber and other applications. Avoid those Dealers who prefer only phone conversations and short mail applications; Do not send your money unless you are convinced that you have chosen the right Japanese Dealer for your purchase; Be careful when you receive too many phone calls and messages with hot/cheap offers and fast shipments; Google search and find the time difference between Japan and your country. If you receive phone calls or messages very early morning or late night, you are possibly dealing with a non-Japanese Car Dealer and potential scammer; Ask the staff/personnel from the Japanese Dealer to show their face, office, infrastructure (land, parking, repair, paint, dismantle and diagnostics shops) by having live video conference by Skype or any other live video application; Be very careful with those Japanese Dealers that avoid video contact and not picking up phone or not responding to your e-mails; Make sure that there are Japanese personnel at the office. Most of scam is coming from companies founded by foreigners. Stock cars and car prices Avoid those Japanese Dealers that offer very cheap prices. In majority of cases, scammers make car prices at the lowest possible prices to attract potential victims; Also avoid those Dealers that give very big discounts and fast shipment; Japanese Car Dealers take as many photos of their cars/stocks as possible, and from different perspectives. If you see stock cars with few photos only, you are possibly looking at a fake and nonexistent car; While choosing cars from the stock ask the dealer to provide additional photos and a copy of Export Certificate; Each car purchased from the Japanese Car Auctions must have an auction sheet, therefore ask your dealer to provide a copy of the auction sheet. Remittances Before you send a deposit either for your car or for an Auction Service make sure that you are wiring your money to the Japanese Bank. If your Car Dealer says to wire money to the bank which is in another country, don’t do it! This is 100% a scam; If your Dealer ask you to send money in other currencies such as Russian Rubles, Pakistani Rupee or other unfamiliar currencies and send to non-Japanese bank, you must not do it. Others Ask your potential Dealer to provide contacts of the Dealer’s current/recent customers from your country for references and personal experience; Check with your potential Dealer whether you can come to Japan and visit the Dealer’s office. If you get a negative answer, the company is a potential scammer. For more information on how Japan Partner tackles fraud and scams please follow this link: http://www.japan-partner.com/internet-fraud-watch.php

The Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) is receiving countless fraud complaints from all over the world, seeking JCTO’s help to recover money. The combined investigation held by Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) and other agencies for various fraud cases shows following results: * Regardless of nationality, the fraudsters are busy 24 hours 365 days a year to find target for fraud. * The majority of foreign community in Japan are honest. But few criminal foreigners residing in Japan are involved in frauds. * The fraudster foreigners residing in Japan are sometime using Japanese names to hide their actual nationality. * Japanese nationals are also involved in committing fraud. * Japanese nationals commit fraud with foreigners and sometime alone. * The fraudsters make impressive website and use bogus address to gain victim’s trust. * The fraudsters use free Email accounts like, Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail etc. * In many cases, the fake website is controlled from the overseas country, pictures and data of product is copy from other website, and the fraudster are not in Japan to avoid possible arrest, but they are using Japanese Bank account. * Fraudters are using cell phones for easily runaway after comitting the fraud. * The cell phone numbers start like +81 90 or +81 80 or +81 70 etc. (first two digits “81” is the country code for Japan). * In many cases, fraudsters use Japanese phone number, but the call is forwarded to other countries. Below are some actual fraud complaints this Organization received daily from all over the world. The fraudster’s name and address is omitted for legal reason. hi,i am a victim of fraud by a Mr.*** who runs a company called *** Ltd.. i have transfered to the companies account on various occassions a total of 16300usd.(the bank slips which i can provide copies) he has beeen lying to me all this time and can provide all necessary evidence to support my claim. kindly please get back to me for i need your assistance because i have been charged here in the Kenyan courts for criminal charges and my property has been auctioned because of this guy. i have had the worst time in my life because of one Mr.*** and i need him to face justice and my money repaid. i also came to learn that he operates another company known as *** Ltd. with the same address though the websites are shut down for some time now.i.e *** . com and 2nd website *** . net the address is, *** ltd. *** Japan. there are various numbers he uses but his mobile number is +81*** *** ***. please assist me. ps:am from kenya and willing to provide more details. TTW (Kenya) Hello,Thank you very much for your response. Unfortunately I already lost my money. The company was fraudulent. I realise there is little you can do to stop fraudulent websites that are not even in Japan or pretending to be good people, but maybe you can consider a legal requirement in japan that any bank account holder who receives money in a fraudulent transaction be guilty of assisting in fraud. This may help protect the Japanese Used Car market. While it is a big market and people will always buy cars, imagine the amount of revenue your members miss out when someone like me who had only enough money to buy one car is cheated, and as a result, I will not be buying a car anymore because I have no more money. That money could have benefited a genuine Japan Used Car seller. It is revenue lost for the good people of Japan. If such a law was there, it would make people fearful to open a bank account for fraudulent purposes. It is just a suggestion. But I appreciate you writing to me. Best Regards. WN (Kenya) Dear Sir,Last year in October we were defrauded by Mr.*** of *** company. We reported the case to interpol but nothing has come out of it. Please could you assist us to find him so we can recover our money. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. His website has since been shut down www.*** . com phone number +81 *** *** ***, cellphone 81 *** *** ***, address *** *** ***, Japan. CSM (Zimbabwe) Dear JCTO,I opened an acount at ***.com in Japan and sent 4 items, teddy bears worth USD 3,000, to be sold. The tracking number shows the items were received early in march but the company has not posted them. I emailed them over 10 times and have had no response. I believe they have stolen from me and I want my items back or financial compensation for their theft. I keep trying to get them to respond but they arent responding. I dont know what to do. Ms.JS (USA) I purchased a heavy machinery from a so-called Japanese company name *** Co., Ltd. The deal was buying used Dozer with 22000 US$ CIF Aden – Yemen. I Transfered the amount by TT on 26-2-2011 Attached the invoice and Bank transfering documents. Untill now they did not ship our payback my money. They even ignore my massage tellphone calls and faxes etc.. although they still email me offers unill now. I need help to get back my money or how to mak ligal claim against them. Awaiting for your kind soonest reply. With Thanks & Best Regards MAD (Yemen) Dear Madam/sir, I purchased a car on 17.dec.2012 from company called *** ltd. address: *** japan. tel:+*** *** *** contact person Mr. *** and Mr.*** the manager Email: ******.jp They promised to deliver the car but failed when contacted them they promised to refund the money and asked me to send the the bank details which i did last week but up to know they haven’t send the money please ineed your asistance in this. regards JMS (Uganda) Hello, i am writing to you from Nairobi, Kenya. I was given your organization name by the Japanese embassy here in my country. I am a victim of fraud by a Japanese vehicle dealer to the tune of $26,000. this was in various dates between July 2009 and January 2010. This dealer refused to ship me the cars or refund my money. This dealer and his wife who are both directors of their company called *** Co., Ltd. The dealer’s name is Mr. *** and his wife’s name who is also a director is Mrs. ***. This dealer has never gone into hiding and calls me everyday promising to pay me back but it has now been almost five years. I have discovered that he has been able to fraud from another gentleman from the United States an amount of $24,000. You have stated that you are able to liase with the Japan police to deal with such a person. I would also like you to help me recover all my money which i will greatly appreciate. I have receipts of payments to this dealer and email correspondence with him proving that he has my money. i have reported this to the Japan embassy in my country and they gave me your contacts. My country’s embassy in your country is also aware of this situation. What i require from you is the Japanese police to get involved in this matter and arrest this dealer so that he pays me back my money. Any help or assistance received from you will be appreciated because i am really suffering and this dealer has even started insulting me calling me a stupid african and telling me i can do nothing to him. Please help me. Company details are as follows, *** Co Ltd, Address is *** Japan. Tel which he uses is +81*** *** ***. His current email is *** . com which he uses to communicate with me. Please help me get this thief and help in getting my money back. Thank you very much and I appreciate your organization’s help to fraud victims. AKG (Kenya) Respected Sir, i have been swindled about $97,000 by the Sales Director of *** Co. Ltd by the name of Mr.***. we have been communicating very well and after making the payments of all the vehicles we bought from him, he has stopped calling and answering my calls and he has not sent me the Bill of Lading as as a proof that the Vehicles has been shipped like he said. below are his contact details and his bank. please help, am not making up stories and i have been phoning the zambian embassy in japan, spoke to Mr. *** & Mr ***.

Cars In today’s world, with car prices sky rocketing, it is like a dream for most of the people to buy a brand new car from the showroom. So the next best option is to import used Japanese cars from Japan as they are reliable and has durable in the long run. Japan is a hub when it comes to car exporters regardless of vehicles being new or used. Large number of used vehicles are exported from Japan all around the world. Japanese cars dominate the automobile market by offering the most consistent and convenient cars at very reasonable prices. As the technology is advancing, it is becoming easier to import used cars from Japan. There are numerous reputable and reliable used car exporters in Japan, who help importers buy top quality vehicles at the most economical prices. But with technology comes risks, such as scam and fraud exporters who try to cheat customers to make money. But majority of the exporters are legitimate dealers and Japanese exporters are well known for their service and honesty. Let’s have a look at the most common frauds these days that most of the customers complain. 1- Tampering the odometer: This is a very common fraud where the dealers tamper the odometer to hide the actual mileage of the car, so you end up purchasing a car at a price well above its worth and also suffer losses due to higher maintenance costs. Also, it is a myth that the digital odometer cannot be tampered as it is easy to tamper digital odometers in comparison to analog meters. Every year, billions of dollars are lost by the customers due to odometer fraud and thousands of miles are reduced from the vehicle’s clock, when odometer roll-back takes place. 2- Hiding Engine Problems: Another very common problem with used cars in hiding the faults in the engine. When a used car engine is having issues, diesel oil or diesel fuel is put in the engine to hide faults temporarily as diesel oil is thicker than any regular oil. This is a common problem that mechanics have identified the most. 3- Title Washing: Title washing is a scam which hides the history of a vehicle that’s been salvaged. Salvage titles are assigned to cars that are deemed a total loss by insurance companies. So, some of the dealers rebuilt the vehicle and sell it with a new title. This is known as “Title Washing” as the title of a car has been cleansed by the seller. In order to avoid such scams, always look at the history of the vehicle. Examination of title document is also required to see if it has been physically altered. 4- VIN Cloning: This crime has been newly discovered in which stolen vehicles are sometimes sold with Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) that have been taken out from a similar legally registered vehicle. This can be avoided by matching all the VIN’s on the vehicle. Curbstoning: According to the state law, private citizens are prohibited from selling multiple vehicles. Curbstoning is when a used dealer poses as a private seller and buys and sells vehicles in order to gain profit. Frequently, curbstoners sell vehicles with hidden problems that can affect both the safety and the value of these vehicles. Curbstoners are generally people who buy cheap cars, fix them and sell them to earn swift gain. Misinterpretation Vehicle condition: A lot of times, fraud dealers sell used vehicles to buyers, even though the vehicle has a lot of problems. These fraud dealers deliberately sell defected vehicles just to earn profit. Dealers sell the car “as is”, misinterpreting vehicle’s exact condition. Airbag Fraud: Once the airbags are installed, it is difficult to replace them; however in some cases they are irreplaceable. It is also very difficult to know whether or not airbags are present or not in the vehicle as airbag covers can be replaced on the dashboard, therefore there is no evidence that whether or not airbags are present or not. There are cases where airbags in a used vehicle are non-functional; they are either outdated, or made of badly chosen materials. These are the most common frauds that used vehicle owners experience the most. It is advised that the importer should have complete knowledge regarding the exporter they are dealing with. Always do your research in order to avoid any such scams or frauds when thinking of buying a used car from Japan.

Other companies can supply the same vehicle for 270,000 including theirs. I have heard reports of exporters rolling back odometers (and have been asked to do this), and repairing accident damaged vehicles without mentioning it. In order for most dealers to compete in the market, they have to do these things or risk not being competitive. So if buyers only purchase from the scamming exporters who are dishonest in their services then I am not really surprised that they are being conned themselves. The cost of purchasing from the lowest price exporter has it's down sides and this is one of them.

. Not everyone selling cars in Japan is honest! 7dishonest-car-dealer2I know it may sound unbelievable, but not all car dealers are honest and that goes the same in Japan. They can be dishonest in various ways: about the quality of the car, about the kms of the car, and even perhaps about the very existence of the car. That is why we recommend, strongly, that you buy through the auctions. The auctions give an independent evaluation of the vehicle. The auctions have a tracking system to prove whether the car has had its odometer tampered with. You need no proof of the existence of the vehicle when you see it in an auction. We also recommend, before you purchase your vehicle, that the company you are purchasing from is registered with JUMVEA. 2. Just because an exporter is a member of JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Export Association), it doesn’t guarantee honesty from the exporter. 7logo-jumveaJUMVEA is not a policing institution for the exporters but rather an institution created to help the exporters. They have neither the ability nor the manpower to check on the honesty or integrity of the exporters. 3. Japan recognizes the age of a vehicle, not when it was made but when it was first registered. Sometimes these dates vary by a large degree. 7classicA vehicle may have been made and then be sitting on a dealers yard for a year before it was sold. Once it is sold, then it gets its official age, and that age starts on the date of sale (or more literally “registration”). If date of make is important to you than date of first registration, let us know and we can find the date of make for you before you purchase. 4. Just because a dealer has pictures of a car, even many pictures, doesn’t guarantee he has a car to sell you. 7no-carUnfortunately, we have heard many stories of people buying a car from a dealers stock, transferring money to him, and then never hearing anything afterwards. It does happen. Some of these so called exporters even go to the length of hiring an official office to complete their deception.This is why we recommend purchasing through the auctions, cars YOU can see. 5. There is usually a reason why a car is cheap. 7cheapcarThere is always a reason why a car is cheap. Some real reasons can be “flood history”, “crash repair history” or “adjusted odometer”. Again, purchasing from the auctions protects you from all of the above. You may have to pay market rate for a real vehicle though. 6. Rust is not an issue in Japan for a warrant of fitness, but it may be in your country. 7rustycarBe very careful before purchasing to know that the car is free from rust underneath. Especially cars from the northern areas where salt is put on the roads to melt the snow in winters. 7. Odometers are digital now, so there is no odometer tampering? 7odometer-fraud_00No, don’t believe it. It has just become more difficult to trace tampering. With a diagnostic computer many cars exported from exporters “stock” could have been tampered. Again, buying from an auction guarantees your exporter has not tampered with the odometer. Provide Cars sources Japan cars, trucks, buses, SUVs and vans from over 115 Japanese car auction locations from Hokkaido in the far North of Japan to Okinawa in the far south. Sign up for a free 14-day trial account to see the vehicles that Provide Cars can buy for you from the Japanese car auctions. Interested in getting started bidding on Japan car auctions and buying from us? Get started here.

With the growing business in online industry, things are getting more complicated than usual. There are a number of companies cheating on customers through agents that run away with money. Yet the advantage of online business makes customer get into the risk. In used car industry the lack of intermediary turns into a financial benefit for customers. As customers are able to get cars at prices unbelievably low, so some frauds takes advantage and take money. Social Media Social Media can help you in finding before hand, if the person claiming to be part of the company is genuine or not. The first thing you should do is check the Facebook page to find how big the company is. Here you get the opportunity to find customers that have already purchased car. Look for those in your country and ask them for feedback. The Company Reputation With or without the help of social media, you can check in your circle about the reputation of company. Ask maximum number of people and in automobile export business the port authorities can help a lot. As your port authorities are the most neutral source so concerning them make half the problem solved. Aside from that your friends and family are also important source. Use your network to stay safe from fraud.

5 Easy Steps to buy a car direct from Japan Find the best Japanese car using search function on the site or from our stock list download. Once you find the car, Check the details and photos. Price on each vehicle shows in US dollar as CIF up to your selected destination. (

Is Japan partner Inc legit? Japan Partner Inc. is a not a legitimate company. They have shady business dealings that you as a buyer should be careful of.

How hard is it to import a car from Japan? While it may seem like a bit of a nightmare to import a car from Japan, the process is not actually that hard. The easiest and most common route is to find a local importer or company that gives a buyer access to Japanese auction houses. You can then work with them to find a vehicle that is suitable for you

YOUR PARTNER IN QUALITY IMPORTS FROM JAPAN Japan Partner has a corporate philosophy where the customer comes first. This philosophy made it possible to grow our customer base to 127,000 customers around the world within 10 year time. We provide the best service and solutions to our customers in many different ways. Japan Partner Inc has been granted the award of being one of the most reliable exporter of used motor vehicles in Japan. This award was granted by JUMVEA that stands for Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporter Association that is the most reputable organization in the used car export industry and is accredited by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japanese Government.

Dealing with Japan Partner for this transaction was a pleasure. Although communication sometimes took days to weeks for a response, they did actually get back to me and helped me with my concerns. The car showed up and looked exactly like the pictures with only a few minor hiccups which they are working with me to resolve (Speedo cable broke during transport). Other than that, I got exactly what I paid for and more. I hope to work with them again in the future.

Thank you very much to manny for helping from top to bottom and called me most of the time to update on me on the car!! will do bussiness again!! :)

Mr.Manny from Japan Patner Inc is an expert who understands the importance of time management(100%),excellent communication(100%)accuracy of vehicle details(100%),and most of all he is a truthful person(100%). I would highly recommend this seller. (100%)The car I bought was as per every detail as we spoke about. If you want to buy a car,talk to these experts. I'll definitely be doing business with you.Keep up the spirit,Japan Patner Inc. Regards.

YOUR PARTNER IN QUALITY IMPORTS FROM JAPANJapan Partner has a corporate philosophy where the customer comes first. This philosophy made it possible to grow our customer base to 127,000 customers around the world within 10 year time. We provide the best service and solutions to our customers in many different ways.Japan Partner Inc has been granted the award of being one of the most reliable exporter of used motor vehicles in Japan. This award was granted by JUMVEA that stands for Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporter Association that is the most reputable organization in the used car export industry and is accredited by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japanese Government.

Japan has one of the most developed USED CAR AUCTION system in the world. There are literally 100+ auto auctions in Japan. Auctions are used as a major source to find cars to export; by the exporters. Japanese Auto Auctions List For Car Owners In order for drivers and car traders to provide and obtain vehicles, the list of car auctions is essential. The following are major Auto Auctions in Japan: 1. AAA (Asnet Auto Auctions) Description: Locations: Link: asnet.autoserver.co.jp ARAI 2. AAAi (Arai Auto Auction International) Description: Same as ARAI. Locations: Bayside, Fukuoka, Oyama, Sendai Note: There are 2 auctions in Oyama: one for cars on Thursday and one for vans/trucks on Saturday. Link: www.araiaa.jp Other: AAAi Inspection Sheet ARAI 3. ARAI (Arai Auto Auction Group) Description: Same as AAAi. Locations: Bayside (Kanagawa), Fukuoka, Oyama, Sendai Link: www.araiaa.jp Other: ARAI Inspection Sheet Assetline 4. Assetline Description: “Leading On-Line Construction Equipment Exchange”. Link: www.assetline.com AUCNET 5. AUCNET Description: Only through satellite auctioning instead of using physical auction sites. Auction times: Saturaday, Sunday, Monday Link: www.aucnet.co.jp Other: AUCNET Inspection Sheet Bay Auc 6. Bay Auc Description: Locations: Osaka Link: www.bay-auc.com Other: Bay Auc Inspection Sheet BCN 7. BCN (BCN Auto Auction) Description: Auctions about 3,000 vehicles a week. Also has many network locations with +10,000 vehicles in stock. Locations: Saitama (Fukaya) – auction site Link: www.bcnaa.jp (auction); www.bcn-chubu.jp (network of other services) Other: BCN Inspection Sheet CAA 8. CAA (Chubu Auto Auctions) Description: Locations: Nagoya (Toyota City), Tokyo Link: www.caanet.jp Other: CAA Inspection Sheet GAO 9. GAO! (Global Auction Online) Description: Owned by Gulliver Inc. Each week there are about 6,000 vehicles auctioned a week. Also sells fixed-price. Auction time: Mondays: 10am to 7pm Locations: Nagoya, Tokyo, internet Link: www.gao.tv Other: GAO! Inspection Sheet GNN 10. GNN (Global Nexus Network Auto Auction) Description: Started in 2005. Auction held on Mondays. Locations: Osaka Link: www.gnn-aa.jp Other: GNN Inspection Sheet HAA (Hanaten 8710) 11. HAA (8710 Hanaten Auto Auctions) Description: Location: Osaka Link: www.8710.ne.jp HAA (Honda) 12. HAA (Honda Auto Auctions) Description: Locations: Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Kansai, Nagoya, Sendai, Tokyo Link: www.honda-uc.com/auction/ HAA Hyogo 13. HAA (Hyogo Auto Auctions) Description: Locations: Kobe Link: www.haakobe.com Other: HAA Kobe Inspection Sheet HERO (Hiro) 14. HERO (HERO Members Auto Auction) – also called Hiro Description: Auctions held on each Wednesday via internet. (Physical location is Saitama) Location: internet Link: hero.livelink.ne.jp Other: HERO/HIRO Inspection Sheet IAA 15. IAA (Iwate Auto Auction) Description: Every Saturday Locations: Iwate Link: n/a IMA 16. IMA W/-E/-K (ISUZU Motor Auction West/ East/ Kyushu) Description: Location: Kobe, Kyushu, Makuhari Link:www.umax.co.jp JAA Group 17. JAA (Japan Auto Auction) Description: One of the oldest auto auctions in Japan. Locations: Tokyo, Tsukuba Link: www.jaa.co.jp Other: JAA Tokyo Inspection Sheet, JAA Tsukuba Inspection Sheet JEN 18. JEN Description: Online auction search system connecting multiple auction sites for used heavy-equipment (construction and industrial). Auctions 24/7 every day. Link: www.jencorp.net JU Group 19. JU (Japanese Used Auto Auction Group) Description: Notes: JU auctions have higher resolution level images at 640*480 compared to the 300*225 average. Locations: Aichi, Akita, Aomori, Asahikawa, Chiba, Ehime, Fukui, Fukuoka, Fukushima , Gifu, Gunma, Hakodate, Hiroshima, Hyogo, Ibaraki, Ishikawa, Iwate, Kagawa, Kagoshima, Kanagawa, Kitami, Kochi, Kumamoto, Kushiro, Kyoto, Mie, Miyagi, Miyazaki, Muroran, Nagano, Nagasaki, Nara, Niigata, Obihiro, Oit, Okayama, Okinawa, Osaka, Saga, Saitama, Sapporo, Shiga, Shimane, Shizuoka, Tochigi, Tokushima, Tokyo, Tottori, Toyama, Wakayama, Yamagata, Yamaguchi, Yamanashi. For more info: visit HERE which has map on the bottom. Link: www.juaanet.jp ; Useful link: Translated JU Group Link Page Other: JU Tokyo Inspection Sheet KCAA 20. KCAA (Kyushu Chuo Auto Auction) Description: Auction Days: Wednesday (Ebino), Thursday (Fukuoka), Friday (Yamaguchi) Locations: Ebino, Fukuoka, Yamaguchi Link: www.kcaa.co.jp LAA 21. LAA (Light Auto Auction) Description: Locations: Kansai, Okayama, Shikoku Link: www.laa-group.jp 22. MAA (Mitsubishi Auto Auctions) Location: Nagoya, Osaka (Takatsuki, Tokyo (Kawasaki) NAA 23. NAA (Nissan Auto Auction) Description: Open Saturdays and Thursdays. Locations: Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo Link: www.naa-net.ne.jp NDAA 24. NDAA (Nagano Dealers Auto Auction) Description: Auction for local dealers. Once a month on Fridays Locations: Nagano, Shiojiri Link: www.kmsp.co.jp NEP Auction 25. NEP Auction (Niigata East Port Auction) Description: Specializes in Heavy Equipment. Location: Niigata Link: www.nep-auction.jp NAA 26. NTAA (Nissan Tender Auto Auction) Description: NTAA is quite familiar with NAA (Nissan Auto Auction), but the Tender auctions. Link: www.naa-net.ne.jp OMAA 27. OMAA (Osaka Mazda Auto Auction) Description: Location: Osaka Link: www.osaka-mazda.com ONAA 28. ONAA (Osaka Nissan Auto Auction) Description: Every Monday. Location: Osaka Link: www.onaa.jp ONAA 29. ORIX Rental Service Auction Description: Tuesday: Kobe, Wednesday: Atsugi, Thursday: Nagoya Locations: Kobe, Atsugi, Nagoya, Fukuoka Link: www.orix.co.jp USS 30. RAA (now USS Ryustsu Auto Auction) Description: In 2005, USS acquired RAA and renamed USS Ryutsu Auto Auction. Location: Koshigaya Link: www.uss-ryutsu.com SAA (Suzuki) 31. SAA (Suzuki Auto Auction) Description: Mondays Locations: Hamamatsu, Kanto Link: www.suzuki-saa.co.jp SAA (Sapporo) 32. SAA (Sapporo Auto Auctions) Description: Tuesdays Locations: Sapporo Link: saa.xbid.ne.jp SMAP 33. SMAP (Space Move Auction Park) Description: Locations: Fujisawa, Fukuoka, Kobe, Nagoya Link: www.spacemove.co.jp SUAA 34. SUAA (Subaru UI Auto Auction) Description: Held on Saturdays Locations: Kanagawa (The meeting place is Tokyo meeting place of NAA) Link: www.subaru-ui.jp TAA 35. TAA (Toyota Auto Auction) Description: Auctions for Toyota dealers to sell off trade-in cars they receive. Notes: TAA has higher quality images, 640*480 compared to 300*225. Locations: Chubu, Fukushima, Hiroshima, Kanto, Kinki, Kyushyu, Kyushyu South (Kagoshima), Okinawa, Yokohama Link: taaweb.jp, TAA Web (Japanese) TOZAI 36. TOZAI (Tozai Boeki Co.) Description: Specializes in Construction Equipment. Location: Kobe Link: www.tozaiboeki.co.jp TUS 37. TUS (Toshin Motorcycle Auction) Description: Auction motorcycles and vehicles. Tuesdays Locations: Tokyo Link: www.toshing.co.jp USS 38. USS (Used-car System Solutions) Description: Largest used-car auctioneer with over 30% market share. Through its ‘USS Globe Network’, all 19 auction sites (including 2 USS-R sites) and an additional 14 affiliate auction sites are connected through satellite. Locations: Fujioka, Fukkuoka, Gunma, Hokuriku, Kobe, Kyushu, Nagoya, Niigata, Okayama, Osaka, Ryustsu, Sapporo, Shizuoka, Tohoku, Tokyo, West Tokyo, Yokohama. Link: www.ussnet.co.jp USSR 39. USS-R Description: Auction dedicated to reusable (older-model, high-mileage) cars. Locations: USS-R Tokyo, USS-R Nagoya Link: www.ussnet.co.jp White Wing 40. White Wing Description: Every Friday Locations: Hokkaido Link: n/a Zip 41. Zip Description: Tuesdays for Tokyo, Thursdays for Osaka Locations: Osaka, Tokyo Link: www.zipco.co.jp 0 Share FacebookTwitterReddItLinkedin Tsukasa Azuma Tsukasa Azuma is an awesome car blogger of Car From Japan. He owns a car repair shop at downtown Osaka, and he put all that experience to good use in his sharing posts. Tsukasa’s blog is one of the best resources for information about keeping your favorite imported car running smoothly. Moreover, because of being passionate to learn about the recent happenings in auto industry, he doesn’t only provide great car maintenance tips, he also always updates latest trends in among car brands and share them in his own interesting viewpoint. Prev Post Toyota Mirai: Based on the future Next Post Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe 2016 Leave a comment Industry knowledge Things You Can Learn About a Car by Looking into Its History By Philipp Meister On Sep 14, 2020 0 Transportation is one of the most important needs of our society. If you are unable to get around the city or around your town easily, you will have trouble finding work and sticking to a tight schedule. Not only that but when employers look for candidates, they will often try to determine if you have your own method of transportation or not. Being able to drive yourself is a necessity in order to succeed in life. Buying a new car can be a huge investment that not many people are able to afford. Sure, you can finance the car across a large time period, but do you really want to be paying someone for years to come? The financing might not even be zero percent, meaning you will be paying an exorbitant amount more than if you were to buy the car straight up. car history Image Source: Pexels What is the solution to all of this? Used cars. Used cars are great as they still accomplish the job of getting you from point a to point b but in a much cheaper fashion. There are hundreds of models out there as well, allowing you to get the car of your dreams at an extremely low cost. There are some downsides to getting a used car though. You do not know what it has been involved in and how it was treated during its life. You have to know what you are getting into before you purchase the car. Here are some things that you can learn about a used car by looking into its history. Accident History The most important thing that you have to determine when buying a used car is finding out if it has been in an accident at all. You can do this in a variety of ways. First, just inspect the car. Walk around it a few times and look for anything that is out of place or scratched. If some parts are not stock parts, it is an indicator that they have been replaced for some reason. If there is no noticeable damage or changes to the outside of the car, it does not mean that it is accident-free. The experts at CarHistory.online mention that many sellers will make the car appear as it has never been in an accident before. They also say that there are a variety of websites out there that will inform you if the car you are looking at has been in an accident at all. This means you can determine exactly how many accidents the car was in, and where the vehicle was damaged. Why is this important to determine? Car accidents don’t just affect the aesthetics of the car. Things like the suspension or the integrity of the car can be severely damaged in car accidents. Even if things feel like they are driving fine, there might be underlying problems that will creep up on you quickly. This means that you will be paying thousands of dollars in repair costs trying to get your used car to work properly. As a car owner, you will quickly find yourself in a nightmare as you never know if your car is going to work properly or not. Always check the history of the car and see how many accidents it has been in before purchasing. Mileage Mileage plays another huge part when determining the price of a used car and seeing if it is worth buying. Typically speaking, the more mileage on a car, the shorter its lifespan will be with you. Just like above, cars with tons of mileage will need plenty of repairs soon as the car will have been pushed to its limit. If there is plenty of mileage, the owner should be looking to charge much less for the vehicle. As a potential buyer, ensure that you are always checking the mileage on the car before purchasing so you can get an idea of how much longer the car is going to last on the road. car key Image Source: Pexels Product Recalls Every now and then manufacturers release cars that are defective and have to be called back to the lot. While some people bring the car back to get fixed, some keep it and don’t get it updated. By checking out the car model online, you can see if there have been any recalls or safety issues surrounding this car. This is information that typically would not be available to you in person at the sale, but can carry the most weight when it comes to buying. Would you want to buy a car that has been deemed not safe by the manufacturer who made it? The last thing you want is to spend thousands of dollars and then learn about the disaster of a purchase you just made. It is often hard to get someone to buy back their used car or give you the full amount that you paid back. By failing to do your research, you are putting yourself in this position. Don’t forget to check if the car you are purchasing has any manufacturer defects or product recalls. Previous Owner’s Checking the history of a car online can also show how many people have owned the car and through how many hands it has passed. While you might not think this is important, it can reveal a lot of hidden information. If a car has been sold several times, you have to ask why is that the case? Are these people who just want to get another car, or is there an underlying problem? You have to be very suspicious if the car has been owned by many people. By following all of these tips, you should be able to make a good and fair appraisal of a used car that you are looking to purchase. Never buy without getting an idea of its history and how it has been driven. If there are any defects, consider if that is something that you want to put your money into. If the car is everything that you wanted, congratulations on finding a great car and saving money while doing so. What is a dream car that you want to get? 0 Share FacebookTwitterReddItLinkedin Philipp Meister Philipp Meister is an amazing part of Car From Japan’s blogger team. After obtaining a degree in Automotive Technology from Technical University of Munich, Philipp worked as a technician in various Volvo dealerships. He has long been a car owner and enthusiast. With over 20 years experience in the automotive industry, he has great discussions about car that provide you interesting information of most famous cars. If you are a car lover and want to get most-updated trend of automotive industry, Philipp’s blog is a must-visit site. Leave a comment